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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Weight loss results of Vitamin D jab & Garbaslim. Effective !

This is about 2 weeks after my Vitamin D jab. I've also been on Garbaslim (fat burner)  for 2 weeks. I also ended up taking the panbesy on alternate days- just want to expedite the weight loss progress.

The results is much better than I would have imagined. I lost about 2.5kg! My tummy has sort of flattened- that's the result of garbaslim, (the nurse told me). It's well known to do that.
I'll stop panbesy now & continue with the Garbaslim (as it's helping with constipation !)

My husband is also taking my Garbaslim as he has constipation too- too stress from work....sigh...
And guess what? he loves it!
So Happy ...haha...

This is how Garbaslim looks like.

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