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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ever dream of owing a castle?

My friend Nancy had recently bought a cluster house around Bukit Timah. It cost $3.15 million. Not a bad price for something that's freehold & in that area. That's until lunch yesterday

A group of us meet up once in a while to catch up & lunch is the perfect time. All of us either had stopped working, retired or have never worked haha... Anyway Nancy was telling us about this new purchase & the renovation etc.... We were having a good time, giving her some ideas of where to buy stuff then Mary brought up what 3million can buy else where.

Sigh .... the Iphone is seriously changing how we communicate. She punch a few keys & voila this appear! It's a castle in France going for only $2.92 million SGD !!! We were all impressed! Have this strange feeling of, "....hey .... I could easily afford that !" Truth is, these friends of mine all have overseas properties, but a castle ???? Now that's on a whole different level!

After a little dreaming,  as usual we get back down to earth. How to maintain something like this? The maintenance will bleed one dry, unless money falls from the sky ...haha. Well no harm dreaming right?

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