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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Eye Brow lift with filler/botox -I needed it !!!!

This blog has been non-active for a while- NO that does not mean I’m not doing anything. I'm just too lazy to blog that's all. Blogging is still something new for my age group, we used to keep very 'private diaries' for our eyes only. Now diaries had gone electronic & viral -for everyone to read!!!! But I'm liking it, this change is interesting!

Well like I say, I’ve done lots, since you last heard from me. At my age, if  you lax even for a moment, gravity will get you- yes it will. Then there's the loosening elasticity of your once supple skin! Nightmare!!!

Anyway, the “ make-over” I did with Dr Keith Ong @Parsons Medical  last year still holds. Fillers do last for quite a while.  Botox, you do need more attention…. especially the lines on the forehead! Went back to Dr Keith Ong, a while back just before Chinese New Year for botox touch –ups, a bit here & there- you know the drill…lol……
If you don’t,  then I’m pretty sure you are still VERY YOUNG… & I envy you, I do!!!
This time around I notice the skin around my eyes has been sagging, drooping ….sigh…..  DR Keith Ong recommended an eye brow lift with a combination of filler & botox- Well why not? He’s welcome to lift anything on my face….LOL…….

The result is better than expected. My double eye lid becomes more pronounced & visible AGAIN !!! My eye looks bigger & that took a few years off! My brows took on a more feminine arch-Well done!!!
My buddy's turn, yes, we go to these " overhaul" jobs together all the She had the same thing done & than MORE !! She has lost some weight so everything looks a little saggy, poor thing. So she needed more help....LOL......
When it's over, we went over to celebrate "our lost & found youth" at the near-by Teochew restaurant at Centre Point. The food there is still very good.


  1. Hi Socialite, I really like what you've written. You have pin point things that's happening to me as well. Very glad that someone is doing that. I think I desperately need some kind of a over-haul as well, but don't know where to begin. I'm in my late 40s (as I've said in your other post) & never done any aesthetic work on my face before- except for the occasional facial. Appreciate if you can advise.

    1. Thanks for the nice comments.
      First of all just book appointment with an aesthetic dr.
      Mine is not bad, you can go to him.
      Let him assess what to do first.
      The usual would be to ease the lines on the forehead, crows feet, maybe even the chin.
      Than depends on what's the condition of your cheeks, that could need some lifting.
      Also another tell tale sign of aging is the corners of the mouth- that should need some filling.
      Hope that helps.

    2. Thank you so much for advise, but can one do so much all at one go?

    3. Good Question, it depends I guess. As for me, I can since I've been doing it for yrs.
      If it's your first time, you might want to take it slow, do a couple of things first before you proceed further. Just have a feel of how's it's like.
      Maybe you need to get used to seeing yourself without the wrinkles first...haha... who knows right???
      My advice is, remember your face before the botox & filler- take a picture maybe.
      Then you'll really appreciate it after all the wrinkles are gone. It really does takes yrs off :))

    4. Appreciate the advise. I see all the crows feet around my eyes & I feel so old! Might do that first. What you think?

    5. Ya those crow's feet are the worst, that's a good place to start, & don't forget the forehead. The lines there will age you like hell!!! Anyway the doctor will assess & advice, so you can see what he said.

    6. Thanks so much.

  2. "DR Keith Ong recommended an eye brow lift with a combination of filler & botox- Well why not? He’s welcome to lift anything on my face….LOL……."....

    You so funny, I laughed out loud reading that- & that's in my office with my boss close -by. She came over & I was caught red-handed! Lucky what you wrote also interest her... That was yesterday!

    This morning she came over again & ask me whether I'm interested & we should go for consult with your doc. She's done with her "tired-looking "face & want a over-haul like you! Just want to let you know... & thanks:)

    1. That's wonderful.... happy for you. I think Singapore women are beginning to be more aware ... it's good to pamper ourselves, we work so hard!!!!

  3. HI Socialite, can young people do this eye brow lift thingie? I lost much weight lately & my face looks a bit saggy especially the eye area. just thought this could help me look better!

    1. Sure :) everyone can do...haha...
      Your eyes will look bigger after that!

    2. But will it feel uncomfortable since it's lifted? I'm interested but unsure. tia

    3. Sorry for late reply, no you wont feel anything.