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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Boredom: It could be good for you !!!

I didn't do anything yesterday & it was wonderful. I meant to order a book on, do mask while  watching  Season 3 of  "House of Cards". But I didn't do that, I just hang around my home drinking Perrier water.

It' s pretty boring, but these days I like boredom. We're the only generation who have truly experienced it. Our parents grew up without the basic labour-saving devices and they never stopped-as their daily chores seemed endless.

The generation beneath us are bombarded by constant entertainment options from their hand phones, laptops, tablets & they've committed themselves to revealing everything tiny detail on their profile pages & fb.

We were the ones who had to go to bed early because TV had stopped for the night. We are the ones who had to wait till our friends get home before getting them on the phone- landline !We spent much time waiting. We were much more patient & not afraid of being bored!

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