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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Letting go: Having happier thoughts makes us look better & younger .

I bump into a friend just yesterday while shopping. Have not seen her for ages- 15 years to be exact. We ended up having coffee at Dome, catching up with each other's life.

She used to be a very cheerful person. This 15 years had been tough. The children are driving her nuts. The son who could study didn't 'choose' the 'right' insituition & courses. The ones who couldn't study , she worry about their future. She also worry about her husband's career & mother's health. The list goes on! Poor thing!

It all show on the face. She look so intense, there's like a perpetual angry look about her. I told her that & that's when she told me all these things that has been bothering her. In retrospect, her situation is hardly unique. Many are suffering almost similarly right? These problems are universal. She said I'm lucky. But am I? I told her that's because I see things a little different & dwell not on the problems at hand, but more on the would be solutions.

I do have the same problems with my kids but I don't let it bother me that much. We cant 'protect' them all their lives. They will make mistakes, just part of life & growing up, no use worrying too much over them.Just be there when things go south for them.

As we grow older we need to let go. Nothing makes us look better than having happier thoughts all the time. Hope my friend will see that eventually.

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