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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hilarious Confessions

I saw my beautician at Paragon the other day. She was with her kid, I cant help but noticed how much he has grown because his pants were looking so short on him. Last time I saw him was just 2 months ago when she brought him to work & I was at her shop. 

She was all  " I KNOW! He is getting so mature and sprouting up so quickly." I must be staring at the boy because she suddenly looked very embarrassed & confessed that he was in his LITTLE BROTHER'S JEANS! He hadn't grown even a centimeter. [extra confession: this is not the first time she has sent one of her kids to school in the wrong clothes!]

OMG.... I couldn't stop laughing..... I console her a little & quickly leave because I don't think i can keep a straight face for more than a minute. It's too funny.....

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