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Monday, March 30, 2015

LKY is the Biggest deal Singapore ever had !

I cant help but want to say Thank You to LKY,  for his foresight & his sacrifice for our Singapore.

For those of you who were born after the 8o's, you might not know what's the big deal. As you were born into an already modernized country. Well let me tell you, he is a big deal- NO- he is probably the Biggest Deal ,Singapore has, since Day 1!

Just to mention the most rudimentary things like our fancy roads, aircon buses ,MRT, efficient services like : the ease of opening of pub accounts, telephone services, getting a passport- do you think, all these things you take for granted came out from nothing? He made it all possible. Dont believe, just go to any of our neighboring countries, & compare just these few things I've just mentioned. You are living a better life & have more opportunities because of him !
So be thankful, stop complaining & do better  !

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