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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why are nasty people that Attractive???

It's no secret if you are attractive, you’ll make a positive first impression. But that’s not all, personality matters too. If you notice, people with dark personality traits, such as narcissism and psychopathy, tend to be highly appealing to others. But why should this be — is there something special about them?

According to experts, people with dark personalities know how to look good.
Really?????  I know of many nasty people who look real bad though!!!!!

So why do callous characters present themselves so well? These 'same experts' reason that individuals with these ill-disposed tendencies may experience greater self-esteem or satisfaction from the additional attention they receive when they dress up, encouraging them to remain stylish. It may also be that creating an attractive veneer leads to romantic liaisons, especially those of a short-term nature. Briefer mating opportunities are, according to research, especially appealing to these 'dark types' .... hmmmm... that does make a lot of sense! 

So if you meet someone who is effectively making the most with what he's got, take note. It doesn't necessarily mean that he gravitates to the dark side, but the results of this study suggest that you may want to beware.

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