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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A great simple way to help you relax !

Open palm ritual for relaxation:

I was looking for something really easy to do to relax & came across this. Very easy to do & extremely effective.

1: Open your hands in front of you, palms facing up. Relax them. Notice the effect this has on the rest of your body. Other parts of you start un-clenching as you release your grip on life. Your jaw un-clenches, shoulders drop, stomach relaxes and buttocks un-clench.

2: Welcome the unknown. Invite new inspiration, new beginnings, new understanding and new adventures into the palms of your open, spacious, relaxed hands.

3: Intimately feel the pulsating energy that now swirls in ever increasing circles in the palms of your hands.

4: Sense you are connecting to something greater than yourself. A feeling of being supported.

5: The more open and spacious your hands the more open and spacious your thoughts, body and life becomes. Your hands have created the space for support and inspiration to flow your way. You are now connected to the pulse, rythum and heart beat of the universe.

Trusting it brings a little pocket of peace into your day as it often does for me

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