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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Vitamin D Jab & Garbaslim for weight loss: Obesity is a sign of deficiency in Vitamin D

What do you do when you are growing older & your metabolism rate is starting to slow down. My sides are starting to fill up, I hated that word "love handlers" !!! But I'm developing my very own! I've been slim all my life & then age catches up & wala.... love handles!

Went to my doctor, he suggested I take a blood test. I have heard of the Vitamin D jab for boosting the metabolism system from many sources, so I guess it's time. Took the blood test last month. & indeed , it show that my levels of Vitamin D is dangerously low- no wonder I'm finding it very difficult to lose weight these days. So I did the VitD jab as recommended.

Also my girl friend has done this Vitamin D jab from Dr Keith 2 months back, & the results is good.

This is how it's suppose to work. Hope I get it right. Studies have found that fat people are usually very low on Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps with our natural metabolism. You might think of popping Vitamin D supplements- forget it! If you want to lose weight , you need it concentrated, the Vitamin D jab do just that. It sort of fixes you "naturally" from the inside. Of course it's not a miracle, you have to try to stop indulging as well lah! Nothing is going to help you if you take tons of chocolates & drink 10 cans of soft drinks per day- Know what I mean? Eat everything in moderation to help yourself.

I also bought the popular fat burner Garbaslim. Then I thought, ok since I'm there, I'll just take a month's supply of panesy & duromine just in case.
I can always pass them to a friend if I don't need ...haha...

See... obesity is a sign of Vitamin D Deficiency

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