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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Does being attractive = being Happy ????

What’s the correlations between appearance, income, and happiness ???. Now, researchers have found that people are happier because they have more money. I don't know how much they spend on these researches but they would have just ask me, & I'll tell them the same thing for

 Anyway these big time studies found that Personal beauty raises happiness, the majority of beauty’s effect on happiness works through its impact on economic outcomes. 

Beauty affects women’s happiness more than men’s, researchers say. (I agree wholeheartedly !)  For a woman, it just matters to go out while looking good. It hurts to walk down the street looking like an aunty when you are only in your 20s or 30s!!! For a man, beauty’s direct relation to happiness is not as great. It will give you a better-looking wife, a higher-earning wife and — most important — extra earnings. 

Another fairly well-proven path for a man to get a better-looking wife is to be rich—which, presumably, will then lead to happiness. So which comes first: wealth or happiness? Or beauty? At some point, this could become a chicken-egg discussion. 

What’s puzzling is that other studies show that the traditional rewards of being rich—buying lots of stuff—don’t make people happy, and that happiness is something that more often comes with growing older, not growing richer. Seriously I don't know who they are studying.... I can safely tell you-  you are & will NEVER be happy when you grow older- NEVER!!!! And I don't see a lot of poor people being that happy either- but that's another big time study for researchers right?
Researchers who study the super rich have also revealed that serious problems and stresses come with having too much money. Ok that I agree. You always wonder whether people "like"  you for being you or they just hope to 'sponge ' on you, or take advantage of you! The expensive paintings, the jewelleries, the fast cars all could be attracting all kinds of criminals to your door step & that's frightening, how to sleep at night?
Putting the ultra-wealthy aside, though, there seems to be a consensus among researchers that it’s better to be rich and beautiful. Again..... that goes without saying! So one should strive to make more money and improve one’s appearance right??? 

I'll say don’t  overdo it, in fact don't overdo anything & you'll be fine. Ultimately, it’s the people who obsess about their personal wealth and/or attractiveness that are less happy.
Too much worrying = too much stress, so how to be happy???

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