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Monday, May 19, 2014

Bad Habits :

Taking bites all day instead of having a proper meal

Two bites of your child’s  leftover breakfast be it noodles or pancakes, a kopi C on your way to work, a quarter of a bun or donut before 9 , and all of a sudden, you’ve eaten at least a quarter of your daily allotment of calories before you’ve even sat down to start work for the day.

I know,it's lovely BUT so fattening !
When you’re busy and stressed, taking small bites here & there seems simpler than actually planning a proper “diet” meal. But this way can backfire when you’re trying to lose or maintain weight. It is better to have a few go-to breakfast and lunch options. They don’t need to be fancy: Two halfboiled eggs, & some crackers can work fine as breakfast.

For a satisfying lunch, make or pick up a  light tuna salad or order a fish soup with half bowl of rice. Having and sticking to a few easy-to-pull-together options that are rich in protein will keep you feeling full, help you consume fewer calories, and give your body more nutrition than simply eating whatever crosses your path. When you are older, you really need to be more careful as the body does not process food in the usual way anymore!

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